Torrent Reign

 Torrent Reign's Grim Reaper   

AKA Grimm

Height: 21 in

Weight: 90 lbs

Head Circumference:

Age: 2 yrs 

We couldn't be happier with the way that Grim is coming along.  Produced right here at Torrent Reign Bulldogges!  He is stunning to look at and a complete gentle giant.  He is very obedient and is eager to please. He has a massive head and a very laid back and calm demeanor.   Grimm is now 2 yrs old and continues to impress us both in temperament and size!

Sire:  Blue Diamond Bullys Monroe 

Sire: Petlo's Buster 

Dam: Paladin's Iron Maiden 

Dam:  Desert Dogges Autumn Sage 

Sire: Poppa's Blue Smurf 

Dam: 7 Acres Smitten with Nixie 

Torrent Reign Bulldogges


 Shane and Kirsten Niemann