Torrent Reign Bulldogges

Blue Diamond Bullys' Monroe 

Weight : 75 lbs

Height: 18 inches

Head Circumference: 

Age: 4 years 

blue diamond bullys

This is Monroe.  Sporting a deep, rich chocolate tri coat,  he is just stunning!!.  He comes to us from Mario at Blue Diamond Bullys out of Idaho.  His sire is non other than Pelto's Buster.  His dam is Paladin's Iron Maiden "Maddie."  Both parents are stunning chocolate tris that are very bully and compact.  He also carries Gargoyle's Black Omen and Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus. When paired with the right female he throws beautiful chocolate and black tri babies.  Weighs in at 75 lbs and is 18" at the shoulders.  He has a massive head and well defined bone and muscle. He is a free breeder and has produced many beautiful pups.  Not only is he beautiful but he is also athletic.  He will play fetch for hours if u let him.  He loves his toys.  He is very loving and strives to please us.


blue diamond bullys monroe
blue diamond bullys Monroe

These are a few bulldogges from Monroe's ancestry.  Starting with Buster his sire and Maddie his dam. 

              Pelto's Buster 

Paladin's Iron Maiden 

 These are some of the beautiful males in Monroe's direct ancestry.

These are some of the amazing females in Monroe's direct ancestry.

Guardian's Bishop 

Gargoyle's Black Omen 

Gargoyle's Golem 

Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus 

Gargoyle's Enoch 

Warrior's Kira 

Gargoyle's Veda 

Vahalla's Nala 

Jolicoeur's Ruby 

Pelto's Kiera 

Gargoyle's Leah 

Torrent Reign Bulldogges

  Shane and Kirsten Niemann