Torrent Reign Bulldogges

Some of our pups from previous litters...

 Growing & Grown!

Here is Craig previously known as Humphrey from our Molly X Leo August litter.  He belongs to Dylan and Lauren.  He is looking great and is doing very well with his family!! 

This is Cage.  What a big boy can't wait to see him when he finishes filling out!!  He's from our January 2012 litter.  

Roxy, now known as Torrent Reign's Living in "Harmony" of AAS Kennels is going to be Michelle's new up and coming OEB female for AAS Kennel in Florida.  Stay tuned for wonderful things to come from this girl that we are very proud of!! 

*previously known as Lady Austen 

Winnie is doing great with her new family !! 

*previously known as Lady Scarlett 

Lola is the top of her class and spoiled by all her new family!! 

*previously known as Lady Ashley 

This Harvey Mayhem previously known as The Drover.  He is doing well and growing great!!

 Miss Kiya loves her home near the beach!!

*previously known as Lady Eyre 

Layla loves her new owner Selena and sometimes even gets to go to work with Patty!......we love it whenshe comes to see us every once in awhile :) 

*previously known as Lady Anne 

Kingston looking great in the sun!! 

*previously known as Lord Philip 

Cage (sir hemingway) went home with Scott and Rachelle!

Torrent Reign Bulldogges