Torrent Reign Bulldogges

This section is dedicated to our pups that we are currently raising.  These pups will become part of our breeding program when they reach the right age and maturity.  Please enjoy watching our pups mature and grow as we will up date this page often. Please feel free to click on their picture to be taken to their personal page!

Torrent Reign's Khal Drogo

We are pleased to introduce Torrent Reign's Khal Drogo. Born here at Torrent Reign he is second Generation Torrent Reign.  Son to Grimm Reaper (Sire) and Blue Gene's Gemma (Dam). Weighing in at 66lbs, and 17 inches tall at just over a year. He's play full and loving. He is a wonderful addition to our pack.

Torrent Reign Bulldogges

Kirsten Niemann